Sunday 7 April 2013

Welcome SPRING!!

With the nice weather on it's way, it has brought alot of attention to the outdoors for our children. Spying out the window, reading spring books and noticing signs of seasonal changes are all things that have happened over the last two weeks. Also, birds seem to be the interest as well. 
Our "nesting" adventures began as our students found a nest outside. We were asked about the birds who built it, what was inside and from simple research and documentation it began to stem a two period (now) of birds and hatching. 
We are also lucky enough to have access to an egg incubator that was purchased by one of the teachers in another kindergarten room. We are able to expand our children's interest by observing daily what is happening. Questioning what is inside, what is new, why we need to turn them daily. The excitement is  intriguing! As a provocation; a teaching partner and I went hunting around our homes for natural items that would possibly be used to build a birds nest. 
As the student's came in and saw the table of "stuff" they were super excited to find out what we could build. Immediately a NEST was suggested and off to research HOW a bird builds a nest, they went. We found a simple you tube video, watching a bird bring pieces of natural thing and create his new home. They drew what they wanted the nest to look like, chose items that would work to build it (sticks, clay, twine, feathers, grass, string, etc.) And off I went to leave the student's to create. (PS. The table and floor were COVERED with bird nest building props-JUST A WARNING a mess is guaranteed!!!) But it was so much fun!! It also was quite amazing watching the nest begin to take shape. By the end of the day almost all of the students had volunteered to assist some way or some how. They were all so very proud of what they had created. 
With the suggestion, from a small group of students we have attached our new nest to the sticks hanging from our ceiling. 
(As if it were up high in a tree-I will take a photo 
this week to post) 
As an expansion of their creation- the next day, I printed off several pictures of different types of birds to place in the nest and around the room through the week. Because this is such a big piece to our room and so many of our students take ownership and pride in this, I had a strong feeling they would notice if a bird was perched up in the nest, hoping it would strike interest for new discovery. Sure enough once one student noticed the robin the nest, student's were finding robins in books and drawing robins, asking questions about the blue eyes inside the nest. Building a new home out of blocks. It began to become contagious! What an exciting week! Can't wait to see what this week brings!

Above is an example of incredible, independent documentation from one of our students. She wanted to be a researcher sharing her knowledge about a "robin." And how it comes to be.
(The bird that was nesting in our nest) 


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