Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Provocation

A Provocation
[an inquiry or exploration activity]

ASK yourself the questions;
"What are they wondering about?"
"What are their interests?"

Where to begin?

They may ask you DIRECTLY 
"What do tigers eat?"

They may SHOW interest or make a comment about their interest.
"I saw a tiger at the zoo on Saturday."

You may NOTICE them doing something intently, like acting the role or incorporating it in their play. your opportunity to provide an opportunity which will engage their interests.

Now What?
*Get a feel for what they already know 
[individually or small group discussions]
*Document what they know, what questions they are asking, what things they may be debating about [any misconceptions].

Begin planning an activity based purely on 
your observations & their interests.

What type of activity will you 
present them with?

1. Observation Inquiry [ie. Watching ants]
2. Sensory Activity using their five senses [ie.Hands on,scented]
3. Exploring new materials [ie. Exploration of natural materials]
4. Self-Discovery Activity [ie. Researching, natural walk] may begin gathering the materials you would like to incorporate. Connect it with their interests and your earlier observations. 
"You were asking about tigers yesterday and what they ate. I found a great place to do some research."

LISTEN to what they say 
NOTICE what they are doing during the activity

These are all clues that will help you to build up your activity.

 Try to include natural material pieces within all of your activities. Natural materials will allow free exploration of all senses and be more engaging than a closed ended plastic toy.

When you display the activity think about...

...Is it inviting?
..Is it organized allowing free exploration & visual stimulation?
...Does it make you want to play?

Frame your work space.

You can use a mat or a tray. 
This will draw the attention of the children who are interested.  

You can use: 

-Cloth Mats
-Hard surfaces for building
-Cork boards
-Picture frames
-Flat Trays

Organize and group your materials using containers such as; cans, jars, sectioned trays and baskets.

Using Mirrors...
Mirrors give perspective.

-3-Dimensional Viewing of building structures
-Opens up a space/Attractive

Here are a few area I tried myself below. 
[More pictures to come this week]
Through observation, you will know if your provocation is successful; if the children of interest approach it willingly.

 You may continue to ask questions, change materials and continue expanding. [If children remain interested] Your ideas may also influence the children to head in another direction. 
Continue to LISTEN, NOTICE & TRY. 

Also, one important thing that I have learned over the last three years is to be PATIENT

Enjoy every teachable moment!

Eric Carle Inspiration Boards

Eric Carle Inspiration Boards
"BIG IDEA:[V1] Demonstrate an awareness of themselves as artists through engaging in activities in visual arts.{V1.1}
[V2] Demonstrate basic knowledge and skills gained through exposure to visual arts and activities in visual art. {V2.1, V2.2.}
[V5] Communicate their ideas through various visual art forms. {V5.1}"

This week clay has been a "go to" material for our students. Touching base on "abstract art" and the variety of ways that you can represent "your story." It was brought to our attention that "in a book a cat can be blue and a tree can have blue in it too." Expanding their horizons with a variety of possibilities and no limitations has granted us a group of 
comfortable, creative and confident thinkers. 
Not hesitating to step out of the box and to "try" something new.
With no direct instruction, direction or intention; it all began to evolve with their interest in communicating and representing their idea. As they looked through the pages, a conversation developed about the cat and what it was feeling. White boards were added to the table ("pages" is how they were described) as well as mixed clay. Using the white boards as their canvas they began creating. Watching this story unfold, adding detail and reason behind the building was so meaningful.  
 Creativity is contagious! 
The clay creations inspired others around them to create and construct; other stories became involved. 
"A House for a Hermit Crab," found it's way to the clay table. 
A crab popped out of the works of clay. 
"Backgrounds" were needed to support the character that was created. Their understanding of what was needed to complete a story was extremely interesting. How astonishing it was (to me) that having exposure to reading books on a daily basis, discussing the detail and meaning behind the illustrations; has truly built the framework of their understanding of a "story." 

Our story board. 
When a child is given the freedom to explore and create; it designates a sense of ownership. 
Once ownership is established, the child takes pride and has the confidence to describe, discuss and display! 
What a great to watch your students shine!

Resource: "Big Ideas" referenced from the Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program-Document

Monday, 18 February 2013

Under Construction

Pictures to come this week.

Truly Fantastic!

I wanted to share these blogs below!
I have followed been inspired and have learned so much from reading and inquiring.

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     The time has come, to finally begin my own journey of blogging. 
Over the last several years I have been so inspired by others adventures, ideas and teaching experiences. I have learned so much about myself and explored my love for teaching in so many ways that I find myself excited and incredibly passionate about everything that I do.

   I began my teaching experience in a preschool classroom! What a wonderful way to begin, with such a fun, loving and passionate age. Moving on a year later to begin a new path with school aged students. Watching them strive to set goals, create relationships and become incredible human beings, was something I will always cherish. 

   Within the same facility, I found myself back within a preschool classroom. For the next four years, I embraced every teachable moment and fell in love with how truly genuine their learning was. From welcoming them into my classroom; to handing them their preschool diplomas, every moment of that experience has created a lasting memory for me.
   My life began to change; as did my journey. Three years ago, I found myself at an interview that I never realized could change my life. I began a new chapter; within an Early Learning Kindergarten Classroom. This program was brand new to our District School Board and there was no answers at this point. We were given the reins and trusted to find ourselves within the program. For those who know me well, this is where I belong. I love to create and experiment. I love an open book and I like to find my own answers and I quite enjoy looking back on the journey that got me there. 
   Three years later, I have been inspired, I have grown, I have helped create and I have made mistakes. But I so believe I have found where I belong. This is my journey that I am so excited to share with you. 

   Please enjoy, comment, question and share your ideas & experiences. 

I am grateful for them all. 

                                                                                             Nicole B