Sunday, 7 April 2013

Continuation of The month of APRIL, thus far!!

Here are a few more photos from this month and some neat ideas that we integrated within our classroom. 

Our students noticed the sun shining through our windows and are quite engaged in the light projector, shadows and reflections currently. One student noticed the projector paper were translucent and when you write on them you can still read the letters when you took the paper off. And only one side can erase the letters. Within this discovery the question of what would happen if we used paint on the paper. That one question resulting in the what is documented below. These lovely, bright paintings now hang in our window, where the sun shines in and sends such a beautiful ray of colours our way! 

Sand Play! 
Our students LOVE LOVE LOVE sensory play! 
They have been copying words and names throughout the last several weeks. Therefore under the clear sand cover we placed several books with big and bold letters, numbers and words. 
Leaving sand on top; instead of inside the sand box and left several tools in a clear container on top as well. I also decided to place a mirror close by to give a different perspective and to create an inviting activity. 
They loved this idea. I saw it used in many different ways throughout the week. 
Drawing pictures using popsicle sticks, using dry paint brushes to make letters, print their names or make up games with others.  
One student added large stones and shells to the top as well. 
This week we will add coloured sand and a light inside the table to give a different idea to the table. We shall see what happens. 

I am sure most of you can relate to this. 
At home I have a ton of old photos that are pictures of landscapes or zoo animals or farm animals. A few days ago I went through an old box of photos and came across an extra set of zoo photos from a trip I went on in high school. Our students just ADORE the idea of animals and anything that relates to them! I knew this would be a big hit. No matter what type of activity they are engaged in, some how animals are almost ALWAYS apart of it. I brought in about 30 photos and placed them at a table with blank paper, rulers, glue, markers and pencil crayons. Not sure what I was going to invite but I was hoping to spark some interests. Of course they immediately came over to look through them. Asking questions about them and asking about my trip to the zoo. Some students took them to their build block locations and used them as props, Two girls created puppets for their puppet show with a few photos and some made cards. A small group of students began gluing them onto the blank pages and writing the animal's name beside them. As I inquired about their writing and ideas, it was explained to me that they were creating a "research book" about animals to use in our quiet area "library."
They asked to cover it and with their assistance we went ahead and laminated their book. 
Were they ever excited about this?? 
They have begun to take it home to read to their parents and are doing a great job being responsible bringing it back to share with the rest of our students. 

Tree ties and beading with playdoh! 
Here's just a fun and different way to incorporate three items that you may have within your room. 
These tree ties were purchased from the Dollarama, homemade playdoh and large beads that most kindergarten classrooms have stored on their shelves. 

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