Monday, 18 February 2013


     The time has come, to finally begin my own journey of blogging. 
Over the last several years I have been so inspired by others adventures, ideas and teaching experiences. I have learned so much about myself and explored my love for teaching in so many ways that I find myself excited and incredibly passionate about everything that I do.

   I began my teaching experience in a preschool classroom! What a wonderful way to begin, with such a fun, loving and passionate age. Moving on a year later to begin a new path with school aged students. Watching them strive to set goals, create relationships and become incredible human beings, was something I will always cherish. 

   Within the same facility, I found myself back within a preschool classroom. For the next four years, I embraced every teachable moment and fell in love with how truly genuine their learning was. From welcoming them into my classroom; to handing them their preschool diplomas, every moment of that experience has created a lasting memory for me.
   My life began to change; as did my journey. Three years ago, I found myself at an interview that I never realized could change my life. I began a new chapter; within an Early Learning Kindergarten Classroom. This program was brand new to our District School Board and there was no answers at this point. We were given the reins and trusted to find ourselves within the program. For those who know me well, this is where I belong. I love to create and experiment. I love an open book and I like to find my own answers and I quite enjoy looking back on the journey that got me there. 
   Three years later, I have been inspired, I have grown, I have helped create and I have made mistakes. But I so believe I have found where I belong. This is my journey that I am so excited to share with you. 

   Please enjoy, comment, question and share your ideas & experiences. 

I am grateful for them all. 

                                                                                             Nicole B

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